Delco Early Learning Center NAEYC Accredited Keystone Stars Accredited

Young Toddler Classroom

Our goals for this class include assisting your child in the process of learning about themselves and others, being independent, their feelings, how to communicate effectively as well as fine and gross motor development and the acquisition of thinking skills.

We understand that young toddler teacher has very important role in the child life at this stage. The young toddlers are discovering their verbal abilities and rely on teachers to translate their actions and babbling into words. Our teachers are encouraged to pursue the proper training to assist the children. Moreover the parents are welcome to offer their view to help the children.

Delco has adopted CREATIVE CURRICULUM to meet children’s academic needs. During the instruction time your child is being introduced to the concepts of ABC's, colors, shapes and numbers, singing, reading books during circle time. The staff assists children to improve small motor skills by free painting, coloring, sand and water play, and manipulative toys. Delco has beautiful outside playground with safety surface and grass area that allows the children to practice and develop their Large motor skills by rolling, throwing and catching a ball as well as jumping, climbing, hopping and riding age appropriate bikes.

Centers according to the NAEYC

Block Center

Music and movement center

Dramatic play center

Manipulative center

Sand and water table

Art center



Parents will provide diapers and wipes, a sippy cup, a complete seasonal change of clothing and plastic bib for feeding, standard crib sheet/blanket. Blanket and sheet will go home every Friday to be clean and return to the center on Monday. Parents please label all of your child’s belongings.

All parents are required to provide two rolls of paper towels and one box of tissues beginning of every month.