Delco Early Learning Center NAEYC Accredited Keystone Stars Accredited

Older Toddler Program

Toddlers are primarily concerned with developing an understanding of who they are. Beginning at around 18 months, identity becomes dominant theme for them. Developing this sense of self has a lot to do with their desire and drive for independence and control.

Our classroom is designed to concentrate individuality, self-help skills such as potty training, dressing and undressing ourselves, feeding ourselves with a spoon and cleaning up after meal and play time.

At circle time the verbalization skills are encouraged by learning and repeating Nursery Rhymes, singing songs, ABC’s, days of the week, months of the year, colors, shapes and by personal interaction between the children and teacher.

We work very hard on social skills by encouraging sharing, playing nicely together and helping our friends. Manners are always emphasized. The concepts of shape, color, ABC's and numbers are emphasized along with calendar and weather.

Our classroom is set up in eight centers to accommodate academic needs for the children. These centers eliminate negative energy in the classroom, because the children have variety of option to better their learning skills. Interacting in each of these centers teaches the children different skills while partaking in play. Children participate in both guided play and free play activities.


Delco has beautiful outside playground with safety surface and grass area that allows the children to practice and develop their Large motor skills by rolling, throwing and catching a ball as well as jumping, climbing, hopping and riding age appropriate bikes.