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Delco Early Learning Center NAEYC Accredited Keystone Stars Accredited

Preschool Program

The why, what, when and how are some of the questions that preschooler inquire at this age. To answer those questions, the teachers design their classroom and curriculum according to preschoolers needs.

In Preschool we concentrate on positive social skills, introduce name recognition, as well as mastering the concepts of colors, shapes and numbers. Our goals in this class include assisting your child with Social/Emotional Development including a sense of self, responsibility, pro-social behavior and fine and gross motor development. Cognitive development in the areas of learning and problem solving, logical thinking, representation and symbolic thinking as well as language development in the form of listening, speaking, reading and writing are also reinforced. Parent participation for certain class topics is requested.

Our classroom is set up in educational learning centers designed to encourage the children to make choices and decisions on their own. Our curriculum includes weekly themes, simple science units, math, music, arts and crafts and plenty of reading in order to provide your child with a well-rounded educational experience. Our teachers promote social interaction, logic and characteristics of thought, reasoning, executive functioning, early literacy interest and skills.

The preschool program is an intensive academic environment which requires the child to be in attendance from 7:00am until 6:00pm in order to take advantage of all that is being taught. Children who miss class time are at a disadvantage as each lesson builds upon the one previously taught. Please help your child prepare for the brightest of futures by providing them every educational advantage available to them.