Delco Early Learning Center NAEYC Accredited Keystone Stars Accredited


Welcome to our infant program that offers a comfortable, positive and nurturing environment to the infants. The infant rooms are set up according to the NAEyc and PA Keys early standards to meet individual child's need such as cognitive, language, perceptual-motor, physical and social skills. NAEYC standards allow us to provide the need of security the warmth that infants bloom on. Having a trusted teacher in the classroom that responds to the infants' individual needs, cues will help the infant to build a base security that will support their exploration, leaning and identity formation. Our teachers are trained to establish a trust worthy relationship with infants to explain them that world is safe.

Infants classroom uses creative curriculum lesson plans to provide intellectual activities through and motor experiences such as tummy time, story time, singing. Each infant has different needs, daily routines, and we like to continue with the same routines to make the infants as comfortable as e can. Parents will encourage providing the schedule for their infant to continue in the classroom.

Parents will be asked to remove their shoes before entering to eliminate outside germs and have a clean space for the children to explore. The parents receive a daily written report explaining the child's eating, diapering and sleeping habits for that day and any message from the teacher. Moreover DELCO encourages the parents to take advantage of the organization's open door policy. Parents are always welcome to visit their child throughout the day and call to check on their little ones.

Parents will be responsible for providing the materials for their child. Such as a standard crib sheet, blankets, diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, change of clothes, bibs, and pacifier if needed. Since every infant has his/her own individual need we ask that parents will provide detailed schedule for the little one. We encourage the parents to label every item. All parents are required to provide two rolls of paper towels and one box of tissues beginning of every month.