Education for Infants, Young Toddlers, Older Toddlers, and Preschool
Delco Early Learning Center NAEYC Accredited Keystone Stars Accredited

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Our centers are organized to provide a quality early learning program which meets the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of each child. To do this, parents and staff must plan and work together. Coming to the center and becoming part of a group can be a new and strange experience for the young children, and they need all the support and understanding their families and teachers can provide to make their new experience a happy one.

Delco Early Learning Center's Associations

DELCO Early Learning Center is an equal opportunity employer and is also a member of the Day Care Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Association of Child Care Agencies, and the Association for Childhood Education International. The agency has a provider agreement with the Child Care Information Services of Delaware County.